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Future Safe International Limited (FSI) was established In 2020 initially as a Distributor for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19) testing products. We have developed into a Distributor for Rapid tests of various types, General medical tests, toxicology tests and corresponding Analysis equipment.

We have 3 product lines for COVID-19 tests:

Rapid IgG/IgM antibody tests

RT-PCR laboratory analysed antigen tests

Rapid Antigen tests (on the spot tests not requiring laboratory analysis)

We have distributor agreements with German, British, Belgium and Polish manufacturers and sell to clients internationally.

We offer competitive test kits for governments, health authorities, military, mining, hospitals, airports, airlines, construction industry, tourism generally and commercial businesses.

Products can be shipped to any location in the world, with special attention to temperature controlled carriage and freight strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Recent Global events have proven that proactive and thorough testing for Covid19 saves lives and we are here to help you do this by use of our products.

We have an in-house medical team led by Consultant Surgeon Bob Soin, a marketing team and a procurement/delivery team.

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Peter Kilby


General operations and business development


Email: pk@fsi.health

Phone: +44 7824 808108

Leyla Ismaylova

Masters degree in Economics


Marketing and business development 

Email: li@fsi.health

Phone: +44 7444 318144 (UK)

            +359 888 664139 (Europe)


Bob Soin





Email: bs@fsi.health

Phone: + 44 7545 334977